Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Strange Old Day!

It's been a strange and surreal kind of day in many ways... I got quite a lot of work done this morning, polishing off 3 articles that needed writing by the end of the month. With next week being half term I wanted to have them out of the way early!

Then I made a brave start on an piece entitled 'Regret'. It's a request from someone on one of the writing forums I am a member of who is looking for pieces from female writers on the subject of regret. She wants them between 1500 - 2000 words.

I have been planning to write something for a few weeks now but I knew it would be about Mum and I knew it would be hard to write. So I put it off....and off.....and off.....until this morning. It was hard going, and I spent much of the time trying to type through the tears (ooh, I like that as a phrase!) and I haven't finished yet. I think I'm about 1200 words so I've saved it and I'll come back to it later in the week to try to put the finishing touches and edit it. It's not a job I'm looking forward to really.

Then I went to pick the Bean up from school...all seemed fine until I got talking to him about his day. I won't go into it all here but I think I will be rejoining the ranks of home education. It's all a bit raw now, he's fine, it's nothing to worry about, but once again we are not happy with certain things. This is three schools now. Enough is enough. SLA has left messages on the school ansaphone so no doubt I will have them on the phone first thing tomorrow. Not looking forward to that much, I'm not much good at confrontation or standing my ground but I'll have to. I've already arranged a play date for later in the morning with some friends who home educate so hopefully we will have a nice day.

SLA is bogged under with work from school. He's got so much that he needs to get done and is still not feeling 100%. 8 weeks is a long half term, I'm hoping a week off next week will make all the difference - that and a whole lot of birthday cake!


Anonymous said...

I'm tired of the problems I have with my children's schools, but I don't have time to home school them due to work commitments :(

Hey, hon, you are now in the links section of my blog! hehe


Mummy said...

Thanks Suzie, I'm so darn confused now it ain't funny.....

Tiffiney said...

Ugg...I had to many problems with my daughter in school..that is why I pulled her out this past Jan. my oldest soon is still in school and is doing great..so he will stay there unless something goes wrong with it...I am sure you have made the right decision!! So no worries! :)